Bach Violin Sonata in Gm (Presto)

Composer: J.S. Bach
Bass: Fbass BN-5 Custom Model
Amp: Markbass TTE-800
Strings: DR – Hi Beam 040-120

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  • Skandha Ben

    Very good . But it will be truly more useful to join TABS transcription . You’ve done the transcription work , so , why not SHARE IT ??? it is JS bach work , you enjoyed it because people shared it . SHARE IT TO . PLEASE .
    I play bass in the same way than you , i do not have time for transcription because of work , family . Some tabs transcription is what i need to work . Can you help me ?
    Anyway , nice finger style . very fluid . Do you use 3 fingers technique as well to improve speed ?
    Thanks for the session .