No Treble: Reed James Engineering Introduces Edmond Gilmore Signature Pickup Set

by Kevin Johnson /

Reed-James-Engineering-Edmond-Gilmore-Signature-Pickup-Set-300x369Reed James Engineering has teamed up with bassist Edmond Gilmore to produce the company’s first signature pickup set.

 Based on their RJ NEO Vintage Vibe Noiseless pickups, the set has a bridge pickup that is wound for more balance and punch while retaining a classic tone. The voicing is suited specifically to Gilmore’s fretless playing.

The new pickup set also features wide version covers for American string spacing. They are constructed with exposed poles charged by neodymium magnets and feature full shielding with noiseless operation.

a clip of Gilmore demoing the pickups on the Jaco Pastorius tune, “Continuum”:

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